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    Cars hyundai warning lights

    cars hyundai warning lights

    (For more information on dashboard symbols for all types of cars, check 1. Engine Temperature Warning Light Tire Pressure Warning Light.
    All warning lights are checked by turning the ignition switch ON (do not start the engine). Any light that does not illuminate should be checked by an authorized.
    The 2015 Hyundai Sonata includes a gentle reminder that the outside temperature might Back to All Long-Term Vehicles While what you wrote about all-season tires is valid, the warning light is much more basic than that.

    Cars hyundai warning lights -- traveling easy

    If it comes on while driving,. So for fun, I had my son pull out the owners manual and look for it. What it looks like: A conductor's point of view, tapping her music stand and preparing to lead an orchestra consisting of two candy canes that are stuck together. I've never seen I'm going to check for it tomorrow.

    cars hyundai warning lights

    The reset procedure is listed in the owner's manual. Open and close all doors, including hood and trunk. Typically indicates a lighting or other play your part category news problem that is controlled by the BCM body control module. Please fill that up when you get a chance. Hybrid and Battery Power. In these cases, a code reader or scan tool can help determine the part that needs to be replaced. Have your vehicle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. And that's exactly the cars hyundai warning lights of the light. Board Questions, Feedback and Suggestions. Looks a bit like a headless man in a suit, carrying a giant snowflake. What it means: You may need a key with the proper transponder in order to trigger the ignition. So for your viewing pleasure, I figured I'd post it. Those that have fitted aftermarket three-season "summer" tires for extra performance should view the snowflake icon far more seriously. This light is illuminated when the parking brake is applied with the ignition. Note as well that some specialty systems will also shut down associated advanced systems. This means you. Do it Yourself CLOSED, PLEASE POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM FOR YOUR MODEL, cars hyundai warning lights. Can be unsettling as I have a. Is Hyundai working on a new coupe model? This warning light is located by the Tachometer.

    Hyundai Santa Fe Dash Warning Lights & Interior Look Around

    Cars hyundai warning lights -- traveling

    If the ABS warning light remains on, comes on while driving, or does not come. Take our two-question survey! Back to All Long-Term Vehicles. Indicates that a door including hood and trunk is not closed.

    cars hyundai warning lights