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    Commentisfree series ideas podcast

    commentisfree series ideas podcast

    Audio: In the first of a series of philosophy podcasts, Benjamen Walker and guests discuss the communication theorist Marshall McLuhan and.
    When Friedrich Kittler, the German philosopher of media and technology, died in October this year, it wasn't a big international story – in fact.
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    Lance Strate: The Big Ideas: Although an icon of the counterculture movement, the man who coined 'the medium is the message' was no pill-popping hipster. Kittler, they say, was the first thinker to grasp the true nature of our relationship with modern technology and media. Victoria Chick: The Big Ideas: Current economists' blind belief in the markets is a worrying departure from the values of Keynes and Schumacher. Our "Age of Anxiety" is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools — with yesterday's concepts. Privacy no longer a social norm, says Facebook founder.
    commentisfree series ideas podcast

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    Typewriters, radios, computers: these innovations were not extentions of man, but they defined us and our behaviour. What Nietzsche's 'God is dead' means to Americans. The Guardian - Back to home. The Big Ideas podcast: Friedrich Kittler's computer wars. What Nietzsche's 'God is dead' means to Americans. What term do you want to search?. In this month's Big Ideas podcast, photographer Brian Ulrich discusses the relevance of EF Schumacher's notion 'small is beautiful' to his own work.