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    daily quotidien

    was hired as editor-in-chief of the daily Combat in 1960 by the owner, Henry Smadja, founded a daily newspaper for physicians, Le Quotidien du M'edecin.
    The Daily is Statistics Canada's official release bulletin, the Agency's first line of communication with the media and the public. The Daily issues news releases.
    Employment rose by in January, building on gains observed in the latter part of The unemployment rate fell by..

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    The population grew at a slower pace in many eastern and some central CMAs compared with the previous intercensal period. At that period and despite large waves of immigration, the country recorded migratory losses because many people departed for the United States. Two videos, " An Overview of Canada's Consumer Price Index CPI " and " The Consumer Price Index and Your Experience of Price Change ," are available on Statistics Canada's YouTube channel. The Daily issues news releases on current social and economic conditions and announces new products. There was little overall employment change among the other demographic groups. Report a problem or mistake on this page. daily quotidien

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    • Government of Canada, Statistics Canada. Prices and price indexes.
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    • Lower immigration levels and interprovincial migration losses accounted for most of the recent slowdown.
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    The other three fastest growing CAs were Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, in Ontario, and Squamish, British Columbia. The LFS estimates are the first in a series of labour market indicators released by Statistics Canada, which includes indicators from programs such as the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours SEPH , Employment Insurance Statistics, and the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey. Manitoba and Nunavut were the only jurisdictions to post higher growth in private occupied dwellings compared with the previous five-year period.