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    Deal remix lyrics

    deal remix lyrics

    Lyrics to "Key To The Streets (Remix)" song by YFN Lucci: Yeah, 2 Chainz, whoa I got the keys to the Wraith Inside look like I got money way before the deal.
    TKO (Black Friday Remix) Lyrics: I don't understand it / Tell me, how could you be so low? / (And all in Got a record deal and a college degree, bitch. Two gold.
    Lyrics of HOW TO DEAL (REGGAETON REMIX) by Frankie J.: Eske ya no regresas ya no quiero no quiero no regresas a mis manos....

    Deal remix lyrics - - expedition

    I'm a public enemy like DJ Lloyd and Chuck D, they know it's me. But you don't get a nigga back like that, no. And if a nigga say my name, he the hot shit.

    Deal remix lyrics - - traveling easy

    Never sold my body, we takin' bodies. I got the keys to the streets.

    deal remix lyrics

    Deal remix lyrics -- traveling fast

    Man that hype done got you too. Dammit babe, dammit babe, dammit babe, dammit babe. All of my flows is violent, all of my hoes is solid. Coogi, down, to the, socks, like I'm, Biggie poppa baby! You need to come to OVO for a better deal. You'se flamingo, showing your true colors. I'm a opp nigga quit woofin' at me, when you see me then pop me. Bezel on it like a grand circle, diamonds in it, holdin' hands.

    deal remix lyrics