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    Dictionary english self government

    dictionary english self government

    freedom of a local government to determine by popular vote the applicability of a controversial law in their jurisdiction. home rule. self - government in local.
    self - government definition, meaning, what is self - government: the control of a country or an area by the people living there, or the control of an. Learn more.
    Self - government definition: Self - government is government of a country or region by its own people rather than by | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.

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    Learn More about self—government. See more synonyms on The radical party agitated for the region to secede from the confederation and establish self-government. Change your default dictionary to British English. View British English definition of self-government. Most men are conflict adverse Most men are conflict averse Which of the following is correct? We take a look at the etymology behind the word 'election' on the run up to the UK General Election in June Language expert Ian Brookes looks at the word 'election' and its origins. Search from your browser.

    dictionary english self government

    Development of Self Government

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    Word of the Day. How Obama Can Win.

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