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    Edward snowden patriot traitor

    edward snowden patriot traitor

    Edward Snowden is a great American and a true patriot. . A patriotic act, followed by a treasonous one, makes him a traitor in my book.
    Edward Snowden is both a heroic whistleblower and a un-American leaker.
    After conducting a two-year investigation into the actions of former NSA employee Edward Snowden, the House Permanent Select Committee.

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    Their auditing was so poor, so negligent, that any private contractor, not even — an employee of the government, could walk into the N. I hope that things have improved for you since removal.
    edward snowden patriot traitor

    He noted that many Panthers and for that matter freedom fighters from all over the world, from South Africa to Chile went into exile. Of Course Lois Lerner Wants Privacy. For his actions, Snowden should be applauded, not vilified. The Power Of Humanity. We Must Move Beyond the 'Patriot' vs. He is also a. I'm sorry to hear it. With respect to Secretary of State John Kerry and his claims about Snowden being a coward and how he should "man up" and do the right thing, let us not forget that when Kerry did as a senator. He should be granted full immunity from prosecution. If you station contests live nation country mega ticket giveaway concerned you are under active surveillance, do not contact us from home and do not contact us from your regular phone. And he has single-handedly reignited a global debate about the extent and nature of government surveillance and our most fundamental rights as individuals.

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    Subscribe Our Online Games opinions compost Success! Being a patriot means knowing when to protect your country, knowing when to protect your Constitution, knowing when to protect your countrymen from the — the violations of an — and encroachments of adversaries. We have to be an active part of our government. Get the Slide Deck from Henry Blodget's IGNITION Presentation on the Future of Digital. While he could have given this information to the people in a better way, I think he ultimately did something that was necessary and good for the American people.

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    I was right outside the NSA. We Must Move Beyond the 'Patriot' vs. Is there something else going on or is this an attempt to redirect the conversation and eventually marginalize what Snowden is speaking about. More about badges Get a badge To pause and restart automatic updates, click "Live" or "Paused". Despite this, though, Snowden still faces charges of espionage in the U. Snowden would surely have been subjected to " special administrative measures " and would have been prevented from working with the journalists or engaging the broader public debate. Blue team or red team?