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    Forums threads political compass

    forums threads political compass

    I was recently reminded of this site: http://www. If you do the test, keep in mind that the Fili's BM Suggestion/Improvement Thread.
    Here are the results of various political leaders: Here are my own results: Take the test:The Political Compass. Forum Member. McConroy's Avatar. Join Date: Dec Location: London, United Kingdom. Posts: 2.
    Thread Tools Forum Member The LP has decent political quiz like this, although it too skews the results slightly in the desired direction of the creator. One good thing at least is that it shows a 2D political spectrum, unlike....

    Forums threads political compass -- expedition Seoul

    View Public Profile Find More Posts by ringworm. Suid Afrikaanse Nuus en Politiek. Do you already have an account? Might be because I didn't answer a question as strongly as I did last time. Buy Our Games on Steam! Reason: Couldn't initially upload picture.
    forums threads political compass

    I scored about the same as a decade ago - a bleeding heart liberal, basically. While these tests can actually be great, it is rare for them to be unbiased. Find More Posts by griftadan. When I took it again answering as well, what I believe anyway a crazy person I was forums threads political compass close to Mitt Romney although Obama is somewhat close to him as well, which surprised me. Maybe there's other tests with slightly more "difficult" questions? Switch to Threaded Mode. Is it me or has the thread disappeared? KidAkbar on about a year ago We basically have the same views lol Real one detected. I took the test recently, and got these results and am shamefully moderate.

    Travel Seoul: Forums threads political compass

    POST CARA DELEVINGNE CHARLOTTE WIGGINS LARA MULLEN However, I also keep unpopular opinions on certain things. I was never really sure what to make of this. Permanent PainInTheAssInternet Zero Punctuation. View Public Profile Find More Posts by Iscariot. Originally Posted by ringworm. If you control unemployment then you can usually control inflation.
    DONALD TRUMP RUSSIA MASTER TIMELINE DCBDE What have you all done to me? Powerlifting Workouts - Training Journals. Canadian Politics and Activism. Suid Afrikaanse Nuus en Politiek. Could I be any more boring?
    Blog browser released Location: Norway, the Ancient Fatherland. I, or mods, will update this post with the significant users' scores. User Name Remember Me? You may not post new threads. Yes, my password is:. Check All Uncheck All Wiki Only Login Join A A.
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