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    Integrate medium with personal website

    integrate medium with personal website

    I want to include a full Medium article on my personal website. I know it's possible because it has been done here. (Notice the domain is not.
    Medium supports the following third-party sites: rdio embed medium will likely depend on what you're able to get on your personal blog.
    publishing on Medium and look at how brands can integrate the platform into their One thing is certain: Medium upends how we think about personal publishing online. The website's ever-evolving algorithm that determines post ranking...

    Integrate medium with personal website - traveling

    Also let us know which registrar you use so we can tailor our instructions a bit, as some registrars are slightly different than others. My wife and kid are asleep. There is a direct correlation to how long people spend on their posts and how well the posts perform. I just want to become a writer who plugs away and posts at least a couple hundred words per day for as many days in a row as possible. How does that help with a blog post views vs medium story views comparison? The traffic I get from Medium to my website has a much higher likelihood to convert [into subscribers or downloads of my ebook]… It makes logical sense then that their numbers would lead to higher conversions and engagement as opposed to someone who finds my site directly because they have already read something and want to know more.

    integrate medium with personal website

    One of the reasons I started writing on Medium is to get some visibility and backlinking for my business website. There is a way to promote publications in this environment? Give your readers powerful interaction options like highlights and in-line responses so you know exactly what resonates, integrate medium with personal website. A safe, trusted space for smart conversation. See this — You should probably update the article and also include strategies on how marketers or brands forbes elizabeth holmes theranos go about writing articles on medium if they want them to get included in popular collections. Would you say there was an optimum time of day or week to post on Medium, I know you mentioned posting once a day. Our community of writers and thinkers will highlight, respond to, and recommend your work. You can import existing followers from Facebook and Twitter.

    Flying cheap: Integrate medium with personal website

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    • Some of the popular content on Medium amounts to little more than a cartoon or series of images.
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    Integrate medium with personal website -- tour fast

    The sales consultant and creative strategist Raymmar Tirado , who re-publishes his blog articles on Medium, said to me in an email:. You need to create a Medium Publication in order to be able to publish with Medium on your own domain. I thought I would leave my first comment. A really good website. Remember: Be nice or else. I thought Medium was for people who want to write? I am so pleased to get this post article and nice information.

    integrate medium with personal website

    Integrate medium with personal website journey

    I was looking forward to get such a post which is very helpful to us. Please share it here. If you click on...

    integrate medium with personal website

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