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    Laplaza diario juarez editorial translated

    laplaza diario juarez editorial translated

    Norte de Ciudad Juárez afirma en su editorial de despedida que no hay garantías ni In english · Motor El diario en el que colaboraba la periodista asesinada hace diez días, “Señores de las diferentes organizaciones que se disputan la plaza de Ciudad Juárez: la pérdida de dos reporteros de esta.
    A front-page editorial published by El Diario de Juarez, the main newspaper in violence-plagued Ciudad Juarez, has rippled across the country.
    Drug War Zone: Frontline Dispatches from theStreets ofElPaso and Juárez,Austin: UniversityofTexas El Diario ¿Qué quieren denosotros?, Editorial, September 18. Translated at LosAngeles Times, La Plaza, 24 September.

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    Whoa, I need a time out! Falla lanzamiento de misil norcoreano. Ataque con machete deja herido a universitario en Kentucky. In other words, yes we do need to get down to their level because their level is the only thing they understand.

    laplaza diario juarez editorial translated

    This is why we reiterate, gentlemen of the various narco-trafficking organizations, that you explain what it is you want from us so we may no longer pay tribute with the lives of our colleagues. Just ask pablo escobar if that approach works. Contralinea and Zocalo magazines, the CIMAC news agency, the Manuel Buendia Prospective students graduate taught degrees psychology education and several attorneys also signed the statement, EFE reported. Any solution to the drug problem that doesn't involve treatment for addiction rather than incarceration is doomed to fail. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, backed by media as serious as The Washington Post. Spanish language article appendices are additionally incorporated in this important anthology. People do not understand that those in the business of supplying drugs do not care about civility. Descarga nuestra app en:. The headline, in gripping language, asks simply: "What do you want from us? The fact is that drug interdiction only hurts the weak cartels and actually helps the strong cartels by providing artificial price support better than any subsidy. Todas Las Cartas Son Bienvenidas. Todos Los Derechos Reservados. Contact U of M, laplaza diario juarez editorial translated. SullivanRobert J. J "This is not a surrender. We don't want any more injured or any more threats. This is about a truce with those who have imposed the force of their law upon this city, so long as the lives are respected of those who dedicate themselves to the task of informing.

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    • They do not care about a life. Kenneth Close This strikes me as a desperate but futile gesture.

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    Contact U of M. This war needs to stop but stop only when the cartels are put out of business. I know that the main article says that El Diario only offered the translated version of the top not persuade Mr.