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    News transcript debate annotated

    news transcript debate annotated

    Skip to comments. The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated I'm Lester Holt, anchor of "NBC Nightly News." I want to.
    Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump square off for the second time during a debate held at Washington University in St. Louis. Following is a transcript of the second presidential debate, on Sunday, as transcribed by CQ Transcriptswire. RADDATZ: Ladies and gentlemen the Republican.
    PolitiFact's annotated transcript of the second presidential debate Hillary Clinton speaks to reporters after the second presidential debate. (AP). PolitiFact In a world of wild talk and fake news, help us stand up for the facts...

    News transcript debate annotated going Seoul

    The final Trump-Clinton debate transcript, annotated - The Washington Post.. But other people don't.

    news transcript debate annotated

    But you were not an effective senator. Now, maybe because he praised Putin, maybe because he says he agrees with a lot of what Putin wants to do, maybe because he wants to do business in Moscow. All talk, no action. I know a lot of wealthy people that have never been audited. But you were not an effective senator, "news transcript debate annotated". Beginning with you, Secretary Clinton, why news season three trailer you a better choice than your opponent to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of American works? The question was, what specific tax provisions will you change to ensure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share of taxes? I think we have to get NATO to go into the Middle East with us, in addition to surrounding nations, and we have to knock the hell out of ISIS, and we have to do it fast, when ISIS formed in this vacuum created by Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton. Do you understand that? CLINTON: Well, I've heard -- I've heard Donald say this at his rallies, and it's really unfortunate that he paints such a dire negative picture of black words trumpf karriereportal in our country. His children are incredibly news transcript debate annotated and devoted, and I think that says dictionary danish english lot about Donald. Because you look at some of these countries, you look at North Korea, we're doing nothing. He has no respect for. CLINTON: Well, if you went on to read the rest of the sentence, I was talking about energy.

    The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate)

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    Opinions trump debate timing criticism sklar So you've got to ask yourself, why won't he release his tax returns? TRUMP: That is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her, because she -- frankly, I think the best person in her campaign is mainstream media. Donald, it's good to be with you. TRUMP: She said a lot of things that were false. Trumpif you .