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    Pages have complaint about american education services

    pages have complaint about american education services

    I Have A Complaint About AES (American Education Services). 174 likes. This page was created in hopes that AES will eventually change their business.
    · 1200 N 7th St Harrisburg, PA . I have filed several complaints against them and hope to refinance.
    Your Emails: American Education Services (AES) Complaint I have contacted the BBB and Attorney General in regards to AES of Pennsylvania. . I just typed a two page dispute letter to AES requesting a copy of the...

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    Yes No SANDRA of Irving, TX on Aug. They are such greedy crooks. Don't loan companies want you to pay on time regardless if it's a few days early?! So, right about that time, the government decided to capitalize on student loans and go after vulnerable students for money they don't have and never will have trying to pay back student loans that never get paid off. Came across all of the negative reviews on here while Googling about AES so I could make a payment.
    pages have complaint about american education services

    Menu Consumer News Buyers Guides For Businesses Write a review Search American Education Services does NOT participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program, "pages have complaint about american education services". They sent you notices every three months to let you know how much interest had accrued during the last three months, the notice told you if the interest was not paid it would be added to your loan, so your balance went up when you chose not to pay the. This loan sucks and I need to get. How the hell do these people expect someone to NOT be homeless, get to work, and support themselves? The people who work at pages have complaint about american education services spend hours a day calling people who they dont want to talk to to try and help them to get yelled at or hung up on. Due to some extremely stressful happenings in my life, I mistakenly assumed that the money being withdrawn was from the correct loan company. Sad to say the loan industry had been stained with not so nice lenders and students should be well aware land inca exploring peru with national geographic expeditions it. All the thousands of dollars paid one can tell me where it went. AND it was sent to the PAYOFF address. I absolutely detest this company and am trying to seek out an alternative ASAP. I don't mind paying my debt, but something needs to be done about this!!! They let five years of interest build up before informing me. Sent to my former employer to sign so they may fax it to AES. Stay away from this disgraceful incompetent company. I just dropped a few thousand on the loan, let's see if it goes. Are there any answers out there? I'm sure we all realize that our debt is OUR responsibility, we dont need some douch bag telling us. Who regulates this company? I have never seen anything so outrageous. So, my direct debit for AES got rejected and I was hit with a late fee.

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    • AES regularly misrepresents repayment options available. I have lost all hope of ever seeing that money refunded and now just want to figure out how to get it applied to my principal before they somehow lose it.
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