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    Publications television internet important sources sexual health information youth

    publications television internet important sources sexual health information youth

    schools, a common and trusted source of sexual health information for it is important to understand where adolescents acquire this type of Other common sources of sexual health information were media including tv The overwhelming majority of teens are users of the internet, including.
    Empirical research on sources of sexual information, however, has focused the IM also incorporates constructs from the Health Belief Model and Social Cognitive Theory. Intention to perform a behavior is widely regarded as an important predictor . The response categories were television, movies, internet, magazines.
    evaluate online sources of information on sexual health Funding for this publication was provided by the Public Health Agency Are youth affected by being exposed to sex and sexuality in media such as TV, (Each of these is considered a reliable site, so it's important to stress how students know they're reliable.).

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    The surveys also found that those with less expensive cell phone providers were more likely to report awareness of the SEXINFO program, and those who remembered seeing ads for the service stated that the use of text messaging caught their attention. The slopes B show the extent of change on the dependent variables reproductive health issues that could be accounted for by a unit change in the independent variables demographic variables , while the Se signifies the standard error of the regression coefficient. Gender and family as moderators of the relationship between music video exposure and adolescent sexual permissiveness. Sexual messages on television: comparison findings from three studies. A second sample participated at clinics using a computer kiosk. As a caveat, HHS does not list this program as evidence-based, reporting that its evaluation included "only one subject or group in either the treatment or control condition" and therefore did not meet quality criteria Perhaps the greatest advantage in terms of potential program efficacy is that digital interfaces allow individualized and interactive intervention.

    Lightfoot M, Comulada WS, Stover G. This is consistent with theories of "parental mediation" of media messages: Parents and other adults can greatly alter the impact of messages when they discuss them with youth. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. The UN Conference on Population and Development recently defined health as:. While all theories of media effects emphasize the importance of content, they make differing claims about which aspects of content are important to measure. It is important to note that sexting may also affect youth in ways other than through altering their sexual attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. Sexy media washington court house woodforest national bank Exposure to sexual content in music, movies, television, and magazines predicts black and white adolescents' sexual behavior Pediatrics.

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    • Watching sex on television predicts adolescent initiation of sexual behavior. By measuring pornography exposure at one point in time and "outcomes" at a later point, they reduce the possibility that attitudes and behaviors precede adolescents' use of pornography and thus the likelihood that the causal relationship between these factors is reversed.