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    Quantified life spreadsheets

    quantified life spreadsheets

    Self-tracking – or personal analytics as some call it – is a relatively new phenomenon brought . A basic spreadsheet containing everything you need to track your vision, goals, and your Resources @ The Quantified Self.
    A new app, Spreadsheets, keeps tabs on its users' loudest, longest and most The Quantified Sex Life: Apps Track Data in the Bedroom.
    review of best quantified self apps by measured me blog Two months ago, tired of juggling between paper questionnaires and Google Spreadsheets.

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    Then here are some… Read more Read more Despite that specific benefit, many wearable trackers come at a reasonably high cost. Her analysis was able to pinpoint that dairy was probably the main culprit responsible for her attacks. Each variable has its own tab now for it's specific breakdowns. Everything makes you fat! We are fortunate to live at a time when technology is enabling the exploration of solutions.

    quantified life spreadsheets

    Calories In, Calories Out by author unknown. Give it a shot. Larger issues work better than small annoyances. Did I do a certain workout that day? Send to Email Address. TraxItAll Again, unlike the rest of the tracking apps, these apps are versatile, in ivac revenue protection officer sense that they could be potentially used to log any kind of structured data, quantified life spreadsheets are not limited to only one or two specific lifestyle niches e. Personal Metrics — another great resource with a bit of a focus on health tracking apps. It will, however, encourage better driving habits that can keep you safer and keep your car in better condition. Everything makes you fat! Tagged FitBitMemoryPrivacyqstopreadingspreadsheetsvisualizationwear. I spoke with therapist Roger S. This will be a very special year with three days of inspiring talks, demos, and discussion with your fellow self-trackers and toolmakers. As entrepreneurs, we're no different. If you want to learn what others are tracking or share your own experiences, join the Quantified Self meetup community. Visualization tools : Excel, TictracNineteen. In this talk, presented at teh Bay Area QS meetup grouphe explains his history, his use of tracking, and what happens when he falters. A fascinating post about modeling weight reduction over time and testing to see if said model actually matches up with recorded weight.

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    Quantified life spreadsheets -- going easy

    If you prefer structure, you can follow a framework, similar to the lean methodology, to ensure validated learning. After a few days, the data will highlight trends and behaviors you may not have known... My recommendation : Zeo. With that data, you can make an educated guess as to why you slept well or didn't.