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    Reddit steve huffman edit comments

    reddit steve huffman edit comments

    Reddit's CEO Steve Huffman has been caught editing comments of users of the infamous pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald. For a site which.
    Supporters of President-elect Trump who use the popular social media website Reddit are furious after Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was caught.
    Steve Huffman, Reddit's top executive, admitted Thursday to editing several comments posted online by other Reddit users after he personally....

    Reddit steve huffman edit comments -- travel cheap

    I have supported this site and even purchased gold numerous times. Is there anything planned, or planned to be planned, so that I can continue to use reddit to puncture my filter-bubble while also improving signal:noise? Let's make Reddit Great Again! The reaction to what you did is exactly what you should have expected the reaction to be. I think there's a real issue here where the CEO of a company feels that it's within his right to violate an inherent trust in the content, and go in and secretly edit users' posts. Have you considered any form of cryptographically verifiable posts, such that edits made by people other than the user - even those with total control over the database - would be obviously forged? Fuck you could've squeezed blood from a stone compared to them finding that humorous.
    reddit steve huffman edit comments

    FYI, I remember the day that happened. Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the gold! Tries stories and fantasy stories are welcomed. That's why people make such a huge deal out of the comment editing that you did. Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future. You said, "I was standing up to the bullies. Now I can finally filter out all the bullshit toxicity from all the political subs without addons or apps to make it happen. This is a website that school student support special education lot of people use. Alexis Ohanian, chairman and co-founder of Reddit Inc. I came there hoping to see unbiased information on every party, but it was like Hilary's fucking palace in .

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    • That would show that this apology is sincere and perhaps go some way towards making the notion that it won't happen again sound half credible. Legally speaking an asterisk is worth nothing, that timestamp could spare you a lot of legal trouble down the road given how reddit posts have already been produced as proof in a court of law.
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    Reddit steve huffman edit comments - going Seoul

    Follow us via RSS.. Cassini unlocks the secrets of how the Sun's immense magnetic field covers the Solar System. Redditors were not happy last month when Huffman admitted to editing comments and "trolling" others on the website. I definitely appreciate a hardline stance against disruptive users and communities. Trump's career, branding efforts, lifestyle and outspoken manner helped make him a celebrity, ….

    reddit steve huffman edit comments