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    Resize image using gimp

    resize image using gimp

    This video tutorial shows you how to resize your photos using the free GNU Image Manipulation Program. Easily resize images for your website using the free image editing.
    You can use GIMP, the free image manipulation program, in your small business to edit images at no extra cost to you. Although GIMP was designed to work..

    Resize image using gimp -- going fast

    This allows you to now fine-tune the selection for cropping. If you include the filetype extension in this case,. The example image is this. Change the Size of an Image Scale. Use GIMP to Change Resolution.

    How to resize an image using GIMP

    Resize image using gimp travel

    Problem: you have a huge image and you want to resize the is so. There are numerous reasons you may want to crop an image. Great, am rapidly learning gimp and love that it open source!