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    Scholar much citation

    scholar much citation

    Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of . to be reflected in Google Scholar ; for very large publishers, it can take much longer.
    M Abdar, SRN Kalhori, T Sutikno, IMI Subroto, G Arji. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) 5 (6 , 27, Fortifying Big.
    Google Scholar = citations IN all publications (incl. academic of the Social Sciences and Humanities fields seems much broader in Scopus.

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    Scholars trying to locate citations to a specific article for pure research purposes as opposed to citations counts, research evaluation, and otherwise will find answers to the aforementioned questions very useful too, especially in cases where bibliographic searches fail to identify relevant materials. I think some work has been done in this area. It aims to provide a robust single-number metric of an academic's impact, combining quality with quantity.

    scholar much citation

    It is updated daily and charges commercial rates for access. As indicated before in SSH only a limited number of journals are ISI-listed. Despite evident faults, it is clear that GS is a better predictor of actual citation numbers than is WoS. GS also linked to a pre-published paper whereas WoS had a complete reference. In cases where an author name is very common, additional keywords e. Bosman, J, Mourik, I. Working with ISI data: Beware of categorisation problems Comparing the Google Scholar h-index with the ISI Journal Impact Factor Key Issues in International Survey Research Reflections on norms for the h-index and related indices Google Scholar as a new data source for citation analysis Reflections on the h-index Writing coursework assignments Musings of recent graduate Do Google Scholar, scholar much citation, Scopus and the Web of Science speak your language? Whilst the Cited Reference function of Web of Science does include citations to non-ISI journals, it only includes these publications for the first author. Google Scholar can be searched for citations to an individual item or author in two different ways: Author search: this retrieves items published by the author scholar much citation question and ranks these items by citation counts. Hence journal coverage in four of the Social Sciences and Humanities fields seems much broader in Scopus. Differences will not be as dramatic for all scholars, but many academics show a substantially higher number of citations in Google Scholar than in the Web of Science. The question is about citations to a listed article. Sign up advice inspirational career quotes log in to customize your list. But my scopus count is indeed considerably lower, which is difficult for young scientists if seniors pay too much attention to the scopus count.

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    To cite or not to cite: Author self-citations and the impact factor. In cases where an author name is very common, additional keywords e.

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    Ironically both are highly cited. You have a good point. This study compares Scopus and Google Scholar with Web of Science for locating citations to individual papers and authors. Significantly, this study showed that: This study, furthermore, has significant implications on the wider scholarly community as researchers start to adopt the search method used here and CiteSearch that was developed as part of the study to identify citation sources in such fields as business, economics, history, law, medicine, political science, psychology, and sociology.