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    Series political scene podcast

    series political scene podcast

    President Obama is haunted by the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in Syria under his watch, but he doesn't want another Iraq War. political - scene -.
    Hendrik Hertzberg and Ryan Lizza on how Obamacare is affecting mid-term races. political - podcast - series.jpg March 8.
    A far-right blogger with no professional experience as a reporter attacks the traditional White House press corps. political - scene -wp April 7.

    Series political scene podcast -- journey

    The Ticket: A Presidential Podcast from The Texas Tribune and KUT News. The hymn writer and Presbyterian minister Carolyn Gillette was taught in seminary to write sermons with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. What we lack is a sense of shame. Reporter Rukmini Callimachi talks to David Remnick about what she's learned, and what it's like being a woman covering ISIS. Progress Indicator Opening the iBooks Store. Jill Lepore and Evan Osnos join Dorothy Wickenden to discuss how populist movements in American history give rise to radical social upheavals, and how progressives will try to curtail the power of a Republican Congress and Commander-in-Chief. Townsend Harris High School, a competitive magnet school in Queens, mounted a school-wide Presidential-election simulation, with students playing the candidates, pollsters, fundraisers, and journalists. The New Yorker staff writer Judith Thurman , who has written about fashion for the magazine since the eighties, spoke with Lymus about modesty and feminism.

    series political scene podcast

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    How fear drives American politics

    Series political scene podcast -- going Seoul

    Preview the next Podbay. President Trump addresses a crowd at Boeing's facilities in North Charleston, S. A reliable, honest and entertaining podcast about Washington D. Jeffrey Toobin joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss the politics, jurisprudence, and legacy of Justice Anthony Scalia.