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    Super bowl campaign targets human trafficking

    super bowl campaign targets human trafficking

    Source Polaris Project, in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor launched a massive outdoor advertising campaign this week to bring.
    In Our Backyard targets Super Bowl audience sharing blitz for hard-hitting Break the Silence' social media campaign. HOUSTON, TX - 1 Feb, 2017 - Anti- human trafficking campaigners are orchestrating a social media play on.
    Because of the sporting event, "the cruelty of human trafficking goes on for several Christopher Smith of New Jersey, the site of this year's Super Bowl. to be a focal point for anti-trafficking public awareness campaigns..

    Super bowl campaign targets human trafficking flying

    Convenience stores are high-traffic businesses in every city and town in America, frequented by both locals and travelers. Law-enforcement agencies, too, expressed a commitment to fighting the crime Thursday, as did a representative of the Harris County district attorney's office. Who are the people cleaning our hotel rooms? SeaWorld is excited to announce the...
    super bowl campaign targets human trafficking

    Travel: Super bowl campaign targets human trafficking

    • National Center on Sexual Exploitation.
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    Sex Trafficking & the Super Bowl

    Super bowl campaign targets human trafficking -- travel fast

    But everyone, including sports fans, can play a role in combating it. F Bar owner on giving drag shows 'a little rest' and the future.

    Super bowl campaign targets human trafficking - - tour

    Your support makes our work against sexual exploitation possible. Houston's mayor and regional law-enforcement officials said Thursday they plan to increase resources to combat human trafficking in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl -- and continue aggressive enforcement after the big game is over. And probably you, too. Given that the media buzz around the Super Bowl has a very specific focus on domestic sex trafficking, it seems strange that the ads are fighting that conversation instead of trying to take advantage of it. In addition to providing Freedom Stickers, and missing children books, IOB has produced a video which will be available to convenience stores, spotlighting some of the signs that someone might be a trafficking victim and advising how to safely contact the authorities to report a concern.