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    Threads political compass page

    threads political compass page

    Just a bit of fun. https://www. Where does Himeuta have its political leanings on? Test won't take longer than Page 6.
    This is my political compass: Economic Left/Right: Social Libertarian/ Authoritarian.
    and evolve in to the inevitable neo nazi stage honestly tho i already grew out of it and fell back in to it. Didn't care much for political things my first two years of...

    Threads political compass page travel easy

    I think that might make things a bit easier to read and analyze. Log in or Sign up. Originally Posted by Orangutan I was thinking that to make the graph less cluttered as people retake the test, perhaps it would be useful to assign each person a number rather than typing out their name on the graph itself.
    threads political compass page

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    Doing the political compass test

    Threads political compass page - expedition

    How Chad stole Christmas ,. But that's my major rules in real life situations.

    threads political compass page