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    Travel europe blog norway

    travel europe blog norway

    Travel blogs often make Norway out to be more expensive than it is. in Norway before catching a budget flight to your final European.
    A three-day trip to Bergen would be the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what . I found Norway to be the most expensive place I've been in Europe, even . I' m a 34 year old girl from Norway who loves reading your blog.
    From Norway to Denmark with Rail Europe: Part One I was scheduled to take the Norway in a Nutshell trip from Bergen to Oslo by way of...

    Travel europe blog norway flying cheap

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Sleeping outside is a no-go for about ten months of the year. The next day was busy. Attempted some selfie while waiting for Mr Gan to take his photo. A quick Google search of fjord sightseeing options might terrify you. I am planning to travel to US shortly. The two do look eerily similar. Feel free to e-mail me with any Norway related questions :-.

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    Please check the checkbox to indicate your consent. I loved reading about your experience! Hi, id like to have a masters degree in Morway,its on top of my list but i was wondering whether i will be able to find a job in the meantime to earn some money and make my life a little bit easier. Is this worth going or can we do a midnight trip on out own? The idea is to hike as much a possible and sleep in our tent.