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    Using liquid rescale gimp plugin

    using liquid rescale gimp plugin

    Liquid Rescale GIMP plugin 試してみた Using Liquid Rescale and.
    New video tutorials learn how to use the version 0.7 of the plugin 24 May 2010 (2530 days ago). Windows version for release available Now with working.
    This tutorial will take you through the process of installing the Liquid Rescale GIMP plugin and then using it to resize a photo.

    Using liquid rescale gimp plugin - - tour

    When increasing the size of a photo, Liquid Rescale looks for series' of pixels within an image that can be duplicated and used to fill the new space without forming obvious regular patterns. If you stretch or squeeze an image in GIMP normally, the image will be uniformly distorted with areas appearing stretched or squashed depending on how you're changing the image's size. The protected areas have not been touched. What the best choice is depends largely on the image at hand. Log in to post comments. In my image, I need to mask the large tree and the wall in the foreground and I will also mask a few of the other trees in the lower part of the photo. See the Manual page for a full description of all the features.. Your email is safe with us.

    using liquid rescale gimp plugin

    Left you a response on Gimpchat. The program resizes the image by removing unimportant details from it and keeping what it understands to be the important bits. Repacked Windows version with the last version of the liblqr library plugin is now faster resources documents otrp syllabi cheducational to the new engine. There was an error. "Using liquid rescale gimp plugin" you go back to the first page, you can see the rescaled version of my image. She writes and produces video instruction for Photoshop and digital photography for magazines and online providers world wide. I need help with. Something does not work as expected? The tool is called Liquid Rescale which you can download from. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.

    GIMP Liquid Rescale Plug-In Tutorial 2

    Using liquid rescale gimp plugin travel Seoul

    Append content without editing the whole page source. Could you link me to the lqr plugin directly? Learn to Use It! Note that the initial results will probably not be very good it depends a lot on the image , but they can get much better when learning how to use the more advanced options. This will give a reasonable demonstration of how effective the plugin can be and you should be aware that the results may become less satisfactory as you attempt to make greater increases. GIMP - An Introduction. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, please let me know and I will make it available.

    using liquid rescale gimp plugin