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    What liberal arts anyways

    what liberal arts anyways

    The most prestigious colleges are called “ liberal arts ” institutions. Many universities call themselves “ liberal arts ” institutions at the core.
    By Marc Williams This entry begins the official blog life of UNCG's Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program. We've begun our Facebook life.
    And many will go on to pursue a classic liberal arts education, frequently at four- year residential colleges. These are often considered the most.

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    To undertake what in the modern context we would call "knowledge production. Register now for our scholarship giveaway. Where do things stand now? Performing and Visual Arts. On account of this difficulty, it is clear that the practical arts to some extent also aim at developing the knowledge of its own aims, if you will permit me the use of this infelicitous phrase.

    what liberal arts anyways

    Total undergraduates in U. The branches of knowledge that comprise the liberal arts include mathematics, music, literature, logic, rhetoric, grammar, and oratory. It is not a nursing degree. It is an inclusive environment where there are fewer barriers to participation and leadership opportunities in a wide variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities. That is, one had to learn to think critically, rationally, logically, and creatively before one could undertake what liberal arts anyways ambitious intellectual work. Not surprisingly, this report suggests business programs include a healthy dose of liberal arts courses—courses that specifically develop the analytical and critical thinking skills required to deal with ambiguous and complex questions, as well as courses that manage to connect to the business curriculum. Likewise, the graduate student of history may incidentally travel city guides free baltimore traveler history qua practical insofar as he believes that in studying it, he necessarily develops his sense of ethical characterbut the graduate student is primarily studying it qua craft, because he hopes to do well enough in history so as to build the skill-set necessary for the sake of doing academic work. And yet, many students - and their parents - will resist the very mission of liberal education. The freedom to personalize your education. Managing and interpreting increasingly complex concepts works the brain, like any muscle, to become stronger and more nimble - that is, smarter.

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    • The liberal arts and sciences have been the foundation of college education for centuries, and are more important and useful today than ever before. Learning from roommates, teammates, and classmates, students develop personally and socially, creating lifelong friendships in the process.
    • As the smallest university in the Big Ten, the UI offers a comfortable environment for learning and living. Momentum: The Strategic Plan for Adelphi University. As to what the liberal arts are, and as to why they are valuable, I believe that my account, as it currently stands, is no less obscure than any .
    • So, as parents send their kids off to college this fall, and those same kids try to figure out what they want to study, and as those of us who teach in liberal arts institutions begin talking to those students about the purpose and meaning of the educations they are about to embark upon, we should all keep in mind what our ultimate aims are.

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    The wide scope of the liberal arts, no doubt, is the reason why both proponents and critics of it have had such difficulty debating its value or lack thereof. Colleges are asking for a lot and thus you should gain something from going to college. Image from "Education in Ancient Greece," Michael Lahanas.

    what liberal arts anyways